Designed and Developed by Rina Kouch
Where can I buy your products?
We travel around going to conventions, you can check our Conventions Page to see what our next scheduled event is. If you want to know if we're going to a specific event, feel free to message us on facebook at or email us at
Do you have an online store?
Yes, we do! You can check it out here.
Do you have more than just 2 custom designs?
We're working on more all the time, however it takes a lot of time to finalise designs and create the product. However we plan to get more designs in 2019.
What materials are your products made from?
Our products are made from a variety of different materials. For our socks its 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% nylon. Our virgin killer sweaters are 100% cotton and our hats are 100% acrylic.
What size are your socks?
Our socks are One size, However for specific measurements, the foot length is 25cm and the unstretched sock length is 60cm and can stretch to over 1 metre long, the sock width is 11cm, but can stretch to around 25-30cm. It varies depending on specific leg sizes and types, however our socks can fit on almost any leg size and length.
How much are your products?
Our products have set prices and can be viewed in the store.
However we do event specific deals and specials, giveaways and special events at our booth, so there is always discounts and free things to be won, come and see us at our booth during conventions and ask us about it to learn more.